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Registration for participation in the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz 2018. Please fill the application form.

Before filling in please read the rules:

-          Street music festival called Street Music by Leopolis Jazz is annually held within the international jazz festival Leopolis Jazz Fest.

-          Street Music by Leopolis Jazz will be held in Lviv on June 30 – July 01, 2018 from 09:00 to 19:00.

-          Musical bands and individual performers has the right to participate in the Festival provided that they was registered on the Festival page before 24:00 on June 20, 2018.

-          Stages will be filled upon receipt of applications, and so automatically bands and artists who have sent a request before will have an advantage over those candidates who sent it later.

-          The organizers will provide an open-air stages. Providing with electrical connection or any musical equipment, in case of need, will be decided on an individual basis in each case.

-          Administration of the event does not limit musicians in style.

-          Artists are invited to perform both the author's repertoire and covers on equal footing.

-         Musicians are responsible for compliance with copyright and related rights to the executable program.

-          It is prohibited for musicians to perform works (musical compositions), which call for the seizure of power, forcible change of the constitutional order and the integrity of the state, inciting national, class, social, religious and other hatred, for propaganda of war, terrorism and extremism, and / or promote pornography, the cult of violence and cruelty, the production and use of drugs and psychotropic substances. In case of execution of such works the musicians take full responsibility, including compensation in full for any costs and damages caused to the organizer of the festival in connection with the execution of these works.

-          Management reserves the right to refuse without any explanation to the musicians participating in the festival at both the selection phase and during the performance.

-          Musicians, who received confirmation of participation in the Festival, may distribute information about their participation. During the performance the bands will be able to distribute any advertising information about the band, in case of its previous approval by the administration of the Festival. To get the approval the band should send the concerned advertising material to the administration by e-mail. The approval will be send to the band within 5 workdays from the moment of receiving the material by the administration.    

-          Each participant (group or individual performers) will be assigned with a short number for SMS-voting.

-          For promotion of the performance bands will provided with 100 business cards in style of the Festival with the band name and personal number for the voting. Distribution of printed information lies on the band.

-          A specific stage and time of performance for each of the participants of the Festival administration defines itself. The final schedule of performances on all of the outdoor stages will be announced on June 20, 2018.

-          Participants of the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz have the right to voluntarily collect money during the performance, and are responsible for the payment of taxes and other obligatory payments.

-          Participation in the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz is unpaid by the Festival administration. Musicians bear their own expenses for travel, accommodation in Lviv and any other expenses associated with their participation in the Festival.

-          A special award will be present to the participant who will receive the highest number of SMS voting. The winner will be announced during the evening performance on the Market Square Stage on Monday, July 02, 2018. The winner will receive a certificate of 25 000 hryvnias for the purchase of instruments and musical equipment in the branded music stores network.

-          The organizers reserve the right to make changes in the rules of participation in the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz by placing them on the official Festival website.

For further questions please contact the curator of the Festival of street music, Kateryna Kozlova: