Richard Bona, Cameroon jazz bass player and singer to perform at Alfa Jazz Fest 2012

Within the framework of the International Alfa Jazz Fest, Richard Bona, one of the most renowned modern jazz bass players will play. His music is a synergy of modern jazz, fusion, African and ethno music tradition. Not only is Richard Bona appreciated by the jazz community as a virtuoso bass player of his own kind, but also as an excellent singer, composer and band frontman.

Richard Bona played with Mike Stern, Larry Coryell, the Brecker brothers, Steve Gadd and many other outstanding jazzmen. His debut album, Scenes from My Life, was released in 1999 by Columbia label. Musician’s last studio work is the album entitled The Ten Shades Of Blues (2009).

Probably the most renowned jazz musician from Africa, Richard Bona is always masterfully overpowering his audience: dancing elements, involvement of the people into improvisation and vocal communication with them are almost a must here.

Undoubtedly, on June 1, 2012 , when performing on the main stage of the Alfa Jazz Fest in Park Kultury named after B. Khmelnitskiy in Lviv, Richard Bona’s overwhelming energy shall make the visitors not only clap their hands, but also stand up, sing, dance and generally lose the sense of time.