Murenko - Bolatov - Agabeyli

Country: Ukraine

Trio of Ukrainian musicians Alexander Murenko (drums), Ruslan Bolatov (piano) and Shirkhan Agabeyli (bass guitar).

Alexander Murenko - one of the most famous and protean drummers of Ukraine, a brilliant performer of any musical genre. Meanwhile the musician has worked with such bands and artists as "Skhid-Side”, “Nedіlya”, " “Ruslana”, "TNMK", “EL Kravchuk”, and many others, he was also leader of the Fusion Band project. Crimean pianist Ruslan Bolatov is known because of his work with legendary Ukrainian guitarist Enver Izmailov. Together with a talented bass player Shirkhan Agabeyli, Murenko and Bolatov created a trio , which performs music in the style of fusion, where organically combines elements of jazz and rock, folk, funk, etc. On 2012, the band recorded and released its debut album “Live in Kiev”.

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