Country: Belorus

Belarusian vocal band Camerata, composed by Olga Vorobjeva, Galina Gordynez, Tatjana Drobisheva, Julia Korotkevitch, Alexei Burdelev, Alexander Dovnar and Igor Melnikov.

During its lifetime, "Camerata" made its way from amateur vocal ensemble to professional band, creating integral conceived programs based on an original musical concept. Unique musical suggestions of "Camerata" based not only on the highest level of performance. It is hidden in the nature of the group that it offers the audience. This, above all, the author's music ensemble, which embodies elements of all known styles.

Belarusian musicians performing style is a synthesis of the traditional methods “a cappella” and special microphone technology singing with simultaneous electronic treatment of recorded voices. During its concerts, the ensemble sometimes gets the impression as if in front of you stands a large symphony orchestra, supported by the most exotic instruments.