Lush Life

Country: Ukraine

Lush Life band, existing about 5 years, is composed of Kiev famous musicians - Sergei Ovsyanikov (guitar), Bogdan Vilchik (guitar), Ivan Litvinov (double bass), Eugene Levkovich (accordion) and Diana Ovsianikova (vocalist). Lush Life performs non-typical for Ukraine music genre - Gypsy Jazz. This genre of jazz, originating from the legendary French guitarist Django Reinhardt, actually can be perceived as fresh and modern, as it was in the distant 40's of the past century. Gypsy Jazz genre, actually is experiencing a renaissance in Europe, is still occasionally performed in Ukraine, and the Lush Life band could be considered as the only Ukrainian group representing this music genre. In summer 2010 the band released its debut album "Kava z molokom" (Coffee with milk).

Sergei Ovsyanikov - guitar

Bogdan Vilchik - guitar

Denis Boyev - violin

Ivan Litvinov - bass

Diana Ovsianikova - vocals