Country: Ukraine

Z-Band is a band of Igor Zakus, a famous Ukrainian bass guitarist, composer, and organizer of the concerts «Jazz Kolo». The music performed by Igor is distinguished by its melody, a real Ukrainian melody, along with a perfect sound, brought to international standards. Styles that practice Igor include funk-fusion, smooth, pop jazz. The musician has collaborated with many singers - particularly with the first lady Ukrainian pop vocalist Taisia Povaliy, Oksana Bilozir and group "VIA GRA". He has participated in various projects: played with Night Groove, Overtime, Dzhankoy Brothers, pianist Peter Pashkov, saxophonist Alexander Rukomoynikov and many others. In 1998 he creates the band "Fest" and records its first album "U kolі druzіv"(In friends’ circle). Later he establishes a Z-Band, which has been existing to the present. On 2007, the festival Do # J he was a "warm-up" performer for Marcus Miller. He participated in almost all Ukrainian festivals.

At the Alfa Jazz Fest of 2013 the band will present a new program with a renewed team: the previous team of Igor Zakus was completed by young musicians.