Anniversary Ukrainian Haute Couture by Oksana Karavanska

On June, 28, the Constitution Day of Ukraine, designer Oksana Karavanska will present the fifth, anniversary, Ukrainian Haute Couture - as special event of Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019

It has already become a good tradition that for only one day fashion-story by Karavanska as a special event Leopolis Jazz Fest opens the Andrey Sheptytsky Metropolitan Gardens. The previous four Oksana Karavanska shows helped to launch the restoration of this famous cultural monument of Lviv - and here came back the aristocracy and refinement of landscape design. 

The Ukrainian Haute Couture by Karavanska traditionally mixes a variety of the arts. And this year will not be an exception. Among the others, the new designer's collection is inspired by graphic works by Lviv artist Yurko Koch and collaborated with the Georgian brand of handmade accessories BOO Jewelery.

The show will be held with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine. Musical accompaniment by the participant of "Voice of the country-9" Marina Krut, and the soundtrack from the fashion story is created by the artistic director of the vocal formation "Pikkardijskaya Tertsia" Volodymyr Yakimets, as well as six Hutsul-trembiters who will go down the Carpathians for this event.

"This year, the idea of the collection was born in the Gardens itself, when I imagined in the Holy George's Mountain of Lviv the sound of the trembita. I have always captured the depth and mysticism of the mountains. Therefore, in this collection were combined old Hutsul music and modern graphics, latest technology, and author's ornaments, and the mystic of the mountains combined Ukrainian clothes with Georgian decorations", - says Oksana Karavanska.