The Austrian Quartet KOMPOST 3 will perform at Alfa Jazz Fest 2017

The performance will be held on June 25 at the Potocki Stage with support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Kyiv and OeAD-Cooperation Office in Lviv.

KOMPOST 3 is a modern Austrian quartet performing an interesting synthesis of jazz-funk and electronic music.

The band has been existing since 2009. KOMPOST 3 started in Vienna and eventually became one of the brightest young formations on the Austrian jazz and improvisational stage. The musicians released their debut album in 2010. This was followed by concerts in Europe, Mexico and the US, performances at numerous festivals, excellent reviews in music printed and online publications and awards, such as Bremen Jazz Award, obtained at the famous European jazz forum Jazzahead in 2014.

The quartet discography contains 4 works, which they publish on their own label, Laub Records.

In Lviv, the band will present its "Ballads For Melancholy Robots" program.