Jazz Bus 2018

Dive into Jazz at #Borjomibus!

For the fifth year in a row at Leopolis Jazz Festival, June 27 – July 1, the legendary double-decker –cabriolet #Borjomibus will bring jazz music to the city of Lviv with bands playing right on its rooftop!

The journey starts at the city center and will go through an exciting path right into the middle of the spirit of jazz  - Jazz Picnic zone in Bohdan Khmelnytsky Park.

From 11 am till 8 pm the bus will await all those who like jazz and “Borjomi” every single hour at Mitzkevych Square.

To get on board of the most awesome stage-on-wheels you will need a ticket – a can of “Borjomi” – to make your experience even more pleasurable and filled with emotions that only jazz can give!

June 27 Wednesday