About Festival

о фестивале

Leopolis Jazz Fest (Alfa Jazz Fest till 2017) - international open-air jazz festival, which is annually held in June in Lviv (Ukraine). The first festival was successfully held in 2011. Concerts featuring over a hundred world class musicians, performing on three stages in the city’s downtown area, over 100,000 spectators and around 200 accredited press reporters – this is story of the Leopolis Jazz Fest. The Guardian included festival in the list of the best European festivals.

The founder and the title sponsor of the festival until 2017 was Alfa Bank Ukraine, and therefore the festival was called Alfa Jazz Fest. In 2017, it was decided to rename the festival for Leopolis Jazz Fest to indicate its venue (Leopolis is one of the ancient names of Lviv). Press release on festival renaming: https://leopolisjazz.com/en/post/mizhnarodniy-dzhazoviy-festival-alfa-jazz-fest-vnosit-zminu-u-nazvu-festivalyu

After the festival was renamed in 2017, the management of the festival was transferred to the organizing committee. At the moment, all trademarks and copyrights belong to the organizing committee. The festival is managed by a team of managers.

The festival takes place on three stages:

  • Main stage in Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Culture Park: the stage dedicated to Eddie Rosner (ticket required)

  • Stage on the central square of the city: Rynok Square (free entrance)

  • Stage in the historic part of the city: Pototski Palace Square (free entrance)

In addition to concerts of jazz musicians from around the world, jam sessions, master-classes and autograph sessions of world jazz stars take place during the festival as well.

The awarding ceremony «Leopolis Jazz Music Awards» dedicated to Eddie Rosner («Alfa Jazz Music Awards» till 2017) is annually held within the festival in Lviv. This Award is established to honour the musicians who have made significant contribution into development of jazz music. The winner is selected by voting of a wide range of experts, including music critics, prominent culture persons, public and government officials, journalists and entrepreneurs from different countries.

Organizer of the festival: the legal form of the festival is currently not defined, the festival is managed by a team of jazz connoisseurs on a volunteer basis. The question of the legal form will be determined after the decision on the future festival is made.