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Personal Data
Do you have experience as a volunteer?
Have you participated in LEOPOLIS JAZZ FEST earlier? As whom?
Level of foreign language knowledge
Selection to volunteer team for Leopolis Jazz Fest 2019 is opened!

If you would like to join the volunteer program, please fill in a short application form.

Anyone can become a volunteer, if he/she:

  •  is open, sincere and positive person with an active lifestyle
  • speaks Ukrainian and English (at least at a basic level) 
  • is not afraid of any work during the festival
  • ready to nonstandard schedule

Areas of work:

The main areas in which volunteers help will be essential, as follows:

1. Festival Artists

  • Meeting, accommodation, support and excursion programs for the musicians

2. Representatives of Ukrainian and foreign media

  • Provide the necessary information, support in the city, participation in information projects and activities, announcements

3. Lviv tourists 

  • Providing a thematic reference, information about the festival's ideas, its program

4. Invited VIP-guests

  • Meeting, accommodation, support and excursion program for the guests

5. Organizers of LEOPOLIS JAZZ FEST

  • Participation in the announcement campaign, assistance in solving organizational questions and in the implementation of communication between organizational units


Please note:

- selection of volunteers consists of two phases: a survey and interviews with members of the organizing committee;

- volunteer work is free of charge;

- volunteers will be paid relocation from: your city of residence - Lviv - your city of residence, accomodation in Lviv at the hostel. Volunteers will also be given the clothes with the festival symbols needed for the work;

- becoming a volunteer, you agree to perform the work in different directions (promoter in the city or on the concert stages, with the artists, journalists, VIP guests, assist in the events organization). The zone of your responsibility will be determined by the results of interview closer to the festival date;

- received experience, acquaintances, knowledge and pleasure are endless and priceless!

Volunteer work is an unforgettable experience and impressions!