Leopolis Jazz Card

Discover the official festival card

Leopolis Jazz Card

Aiming to assure comfortable and safe payments during the festival we provide festival official payment card – Leopolis Jazz Card with MasterCard® Contactless technology.

To get the card contact Alfa-Bank financial consultants in the festival’s Main stage area or apply to any Alfa-Bank branch in Lviv.

On the territory of the main Stage of the Festival, all calculations are made only by Leopolis Jazz Card. If you already have a MasterCard card with contactless payment technology, you can also use it.

Leopolis Jazz Card is a pre-paid card, which you can use not only during and on the territory of the festival, but also for any calculations on the territory of Ukraine. Your card is unique, because it is issued especially for the Leopolis Jazz Festival.

Details: mastercard.ua and alfabank.ua

Leopolis Jazz Card benefits

Fast: pay instantly at stores and points of sale equipped with terminals that support MasterCard® Contactless.

Easy: before making a payment, make sure that amount shown on the terminal screen matches purchase amount, simply hold card near the terminal – and Your purchase is paid.

Secure: purchase amount cannot be debited twice – after payment was processed, the terminal will emit a beep and turn off. Moreover, you’re always in possession of card and don’t have to hand it over to the cashier when making a payment.

Convenient: You can use the card during the validity period as a universal payment card, replenishing it and paying for any purchases.

Free: the card is not registered and can be transferred to a third person. You decide how to use it: for your daily shopping or to joy a loved one by giving her a card with a unique jazz design and giving the opportunity to make your dream come true!

Important information
  • Keep bills for all transactions of replenishment/payment at least until the end of the festival.
  • In case of loss or theft, the card is not renewed. Immediately lock it by telling card number on the hotline: 3344 (for calls from mobile) or 0 800 50 20 50  (is free).
  • The card has an individual PIN. It is necessary to remember it and not to disclose to any third parties.
  • Validity period — in accordance with the period of validity of the issued card.
What operations can be performed with Leopolis Jazz Card
  • Replenish the card for any amount, taking into account the limits set in the "Limits" section.
  • Pay for purchases in any trade and service outlets and on the internet taking into account the limits by card on the territory of Ukraine.

Where to use

The card is valid only on the territory of Ukraine.

How to replenish
  • Using Leopolis Jazz Card in ATM network of Alfa-Bank with cash-in function.
  • By the transfer in ATM network of Alfa-Bank from Alfa-Bank card to Leopolis Jazz Card.
  • Using the card of other banks with technologies of electronic transfers: p2p.alfabank.ua

At the festival, you can replenish your card by addressing the financial advisers.

How to check the card balance
  • In ATM network of Alfa-Bank.
  • In ATM network of other banks in Ukraine.

At the festival, you can check the balance by addressing the financial advisers.

Limits on the card
  • Maximum amount of one transaction of the replenishment on the territory of the festival — 5 000 UAH.
  • Maximum amount of the operation without PIN-code — 500 UAH.
  • Amount of payment transactions during the validity period is 5 000 UAH.