Country: USA

The Yellowjackets is a famous American quartet that combines two genres: electronic fusion and modern acoustic jazz. The band has won several Grammy Awards and has been nominated numerous other times. The band was founded by pianist Russell Ferrante and bassist Jimmy Haslip.

In 1977, a new band called the Yellowjackets signed a record contract with Warner Bros, and their eponymous 1981 debut record caused quite a stir on jazz radio stations in the USA. The band’s original harmonic fusion of jazz, funk and rock won the bad a large following. Over the years, the quartet’s music has changed, becoming more and more jazz-oriented. For many years, the legendary saxophonist and composer Bob Mintzer worked with the Yellowjackets. After Jimmy Haslip left the band, the son of the great Jaco Pastorius Felix worked with them for some time, and now Australian virtuoso Dane Alderson has taken over the bass duties. As of today, all of the musicians in the quartet are famous performers, composers and arrangers who have taken part in numerous musical projects.

Bob Mintzer - saxophone

Russell Ferrante - keyboards

Dane Alderson - bass

William Kennedy - drums