Stefano Bollani - Napoli Trip

Country: Italy-France

Stefano Bollani is a virtuoso Italian pianist, composer, singer and TV host. Napoli Trip is a record and live project, arisen from Stefano Bollani’s great love for Naples. A love which derives from far away and dates back to the years when the pianist, at the time aged eleven, discovered the great Renato Carosone: a dazzling source of inspiration, «a guy who played the piano, wrote songs, sang and had great fun».
But Napoli Trip is not just a simple personal tribute, it is a multifaceted concert, an ensemble that sees the participation of great international talents. First of all, of the composer and saxophonist Daniele Sepe, one of the greatest exponents of Naples folk music, which is open and filled with life. And with him, two other great musicians:
Bernardo Guerra on the drums and Vincent Peirani on accordion.

Stefano Bollani – piano and vocal
Daniele Sepe – saxophone and wind instruments
Bernardo Guerra – drums
Vincent Peirani – accordion