Country: Ukraine

ONUKA is the collaborative project from a well-known Ukrainian soundproducer and musician Eugene Filatov (The Maneken) and Nata Zhyzhchenko. 

ONUKA’s sound is an organic mix of electronic, contemporary pop music and Ukrainian folk traditions. The first single Look was released in 2013. Since then discography has been updated with LP Onuka (2014) and EP VIDLIK (2016). In 2016, ONUKA introduced the new project in collaboration with The National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAONI).

In 2017, ONUKA appeared as a special guest at the Eurovision Song Contest. Within a few days Vidlik entered the top of European iTunes electronic charts (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and other countries). 2017 also brought ONUKA a European tour, a collaboration with Deep Forest and a list of awards.

In March 2018, the band presented it’s second full-length album MOZAЇKA.