Charles Lloyd & the Marvels featuring Bill Frisell, Reuben Rogers, Eric Harland and Greg Leisz

Country: USA

Lloyd's name has long been a part of the history of music. American tenor, alto saxophonist and flutist Charles Lloyd lives with the motto: "Go forward " - and it helps him to reach new heights.

Throughout his more than half-a-century career, Charles Lloyd's music covers many genres, including post-bop, world-music, avant-garde and many others.
A musician is a frequent and welcome guest at the best jazz festivals of the planet.

In March 2018, Charles Lloyd celebrated his 80th anniversary.

Legendary saxophonist Charles Lloyd and the star band The Marvels will perform at Leopolis Jazz Fest on June 27

Charles Lloyd - tenor saxophone, flute

Bill Frisell- guitar

Greg Leisz - steel guitar

Reuben Rogers - bass

Eric Harland - drums