Bria Blessing & ShockolaD - IVASYUK

Country: UA-US-PL

This is a joint project of Bria Blessing, an American singer with a Ukrainian heart, and the ShockolaD project, which was created by outstanding Ukrainian musicians Igor Hnydyn and Anastasija Litvinyuk. The performers got together to pay tribute to Volodymyr Ivasyuk and his music by redefining his eternal songs for new generations. Bria Blessing and ShockolaD have provided Ivasyuk’s songs with a fresh new sound while maintaining the integrity and soul of his lyrics and melodies. The special guest of this project is one of the best saxophonists in Poland, Szymon Kamykowski.

Bria Blessing – vocals
Anastasija Litvinyuk – keyboards
Igor Hnydyn – drums
Andrij Kohan – bass
Szymon Kamykowski – saxophone