Etienne Mbappe & the Prophets

Country: France

Etienne Mbappe is a famous Cameroonian bass player and composer living in France. He was a member of John McLaughlin’s 4th Dimension (within this project he played at Alfa Jazz Fest). As a sideman, he has performed with Joe Zawinul, Robben Ford, Ray Charles and saxophonist Bill Evans, as well as other famous musicians. His discography includes four albums. For recording his latest album, Etienne gathered his new band, the Prophets, which will accompany him in Lviv.

“My music is influenced by places I have travelled, people I meet, colours I see, flavours that I taste, the fun that I’ve had, and, sometimes, the pain that I feel,” Mbappe explains. “We live in a complex world today. I want nothing more than to bring that joy and understanding to people through music.”

Étienne Mbappé – bass & vocals
Balthazar Naturel – tenor saxophone
Alex Hérichon – trumpet
Anthony Jambon – guitar
Christophe Cravero – piano, keyboards, violin
Clément Janinet – violin
Nicolas Viccaro – drums