Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Country: USA

Pianist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Jon Cleary and his band The Absolute Monster Gentlemen will perform on a stage dedicated to Eddie Rosner on 29 June.

Jon Cleary was born in Kent, England, but a love of blues and jazz led him to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jon Cleary's music clearly reflects the influence of funk, R&B, soul, gospel, Afro-Cuban rhythms and, of course, the New Orleans school of piano playing.

Jon Cleary has worked with musicians such as Taj Mahal, John Scofield, Dr. John and Bonnie Raitt.

Jon Cleary boasts an impressive discography. In 2015, he won a Grammy Award for the album “Go Go Juice”, which was produced by John Porter and recorded at the legendary Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana.

Cleary has been working with The Absolute Monster Gentlemen for more than two decades. The last album by Jon Cleary was released in 2018. Titled “Dyna-Mite”, this soul-blues album became one of the best records in the genre last year.