Harold López-Nussa

Country: Cuba-France

A pianist and composer from Havana, whose music reflects the full ange and richness of Cuban music, with its distinctive combination of classical, folkloric and popular elements as well as its embrace of jazz improvisation and interaction.

López-Nussa was born in Cuba and grew up in the centre of Havana, in an area known for its Afro-Cuban folklore traditions and festivals. The pianist has Cuban and French citizenship. “Every time I return to Cuba, I feel something special—not just a connection with my family and friends, but with the place itself. This is where my music comes from, what it talks about”

López-Nussa has released nine albums. Each of his releases is a hot mixture of Afro-Cuban and contemporary jazz, and at times an exciting synthesis of jazz and Cuban pop music.

Te Lo Dije is the ninth album in a catalogue that includes exquisite classical pieces, mesmerizing solo creations and explosive jazz trio outings.

Harold Lopez-Nussa - piano
Ruy Lopez-Nussa - drums
Felipe Cabrera – bass