Jan Lundgren «Jazz Meets Folk»

Country: Sweden-Austria-Switzerland-Australia

Swedish jazz pianist and composer.

Due to his outstanding technique and classical education, Lundgren quickly acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of American jazz piano traditions and soon began to tackle all jazz styles, from early to modern. The pianist was one of the pioneers in separating European from American jazz and set the direction for subsequent generations of musicians. His playing combines virtuosity with a deep understanding of typical forms associated with European classical music and is inspired by folk music, American jazz traditions and the boundless joy of improvisation. This makes him the perfect musician for creating music of all genres. To date, Lundgren has recorded over 50 albums and dozens as a sideman. Since 2014, he has been recording exclusively for ACT.

Jan Lundgren - piano
Hans Backenroth - double bass
Joanna Lewis - 1st violin
Emily Stewart - 2nd violin
Lena Fankhauser - alto
Melissa Coleman - cello