Motel Kaiju

Country: Italy

Kaijū is a Japanese word, commonly translated as “Strange Beast” with a strong reference to the science-fiction universe of TOHO movie productions. The band name is a clear reference to the sci-fi universe of the TOHO movies. The quartet, led by jazz musician Niccolo Faraci, was formed in Milan. The quartet’s music is based on a creative balance of artificial and natural sounds, using vintage synthesizers and modern technology. It is also supported by the rhythms inherent in contemporary dance music.

In 2018, the group released its first live album on a limited-edition audio cassette. Renowned jazz magazine JAZZ LIFE (Japan) wrote that the album represented a new revival of great electro-jazz traditions.

The concert will be held with the support of the Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Insitute in Ukraine and Days Around

Niccolò Faraci - electric bass, sound design
Lorenzo Blardone - digital synthesizers
Alberto Mancini - electric piano, moog
Andrea Bruzzone - drums