Fusion Trio

Country: Ukraine

As you may have already guessed, Fusion Trio plays in a fusion style, seamlessly combining elements of jazz, folk, rock, funk and many other genres. Each member of the band is a creative personality, and together they create unique music filled with vital energy.

Aleksandr Murenko is an experienced drummer who can master any musical genre thanks to his enormous capacity for work and vibrant emotionality. Aleksandr’s lively and inquisitive mind, combined with his ideal technique, expresses itself in his most complex solos, which amaze listeners with their distinctiveness and variety. Having toured almost all over the world, the musician constantly perfects his skills, as demonstrated by numerous festivals, concerts and workshops with Gregg Bissonette, Alex Hutchins, Eric Moore, Will Kennedy, Narada Michael Walden, Joel Rosenblatt, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Dean Brown and many others.

Ruslan Bolatov is a young pianist, violinist and composer. The jazz harmonies, complex rhythms, flamenco, and Crimean Tatar music his compositions borrow from form the unique style of this musician.

Igor Zakus is a bass guitarist, composer, teacher and founder of the Jazz Kolo project. He is one of the best bass players in Ukraine. His performance features technique, individual sound and real Ukrainian tunefulness.

Alexander Murenko - drums
Igor Zakus - bass
Ruslan Bolatov - keys