Country: France

OZMA is the quintet of drummer Stéphane Scharlé. Seven albums to  their credit, 450 concerts on 4 continents and in 39 countries,  collaborative multidisciplinary projects with artists from all over the  world. The band has recently released their seventh album, HYPERLAPSE.  The record is dedicated to the ten cities the band visited during an  incredible tour in 2018.

Since 2001, the OZMA quintet has taken  listeners on journeys not only across continents, but also across  musical styles, mostly borrowing elements from rock, folk and electronic  music. Like a willingness to hear John Coltrane interacting with Rage  Against The Machine, Ravi Shankar jamming with Pink Floyd, or Amon Tobin  hitching up with the fanfares of New Orleans...

The concert will be supported by the Embassy of France and the French Institute in Ukraine.

Stéphane Scharlé - drums, compositions, speech
Edouard Séro-Guillaume - el. bass, keyboards
Tam de Villiers - el. guitar, fx
Alois Benoit - trombone, fx
Musina Ebobissé - tenor sax, fx