Misha Mendelenko Organ Quartet

Country: Ukraine

The bandleader is a young Ukrainian guitarist, Misha Mendelenko. Despite his young age, Misha Mendelenko has managed to make a name for himself in many projects and competitions over the past four years. In 2021, Misha recorded his debut album, Strange Acquaintances. One of his recent achievements was the victory at the International Music Bridge contest, where Misha Mendelenko won the grand prize.

Misha Mendelenko Organ Quartet is one of the few Ukrainian bands working in the traditional guitar and organ line-up. The quartet music combines bebop, hard bop, blues and many other genres.

This concert program will present Misha Mendelenko's debut album, which consists of author's music and arrangements of jazz standards.

Misha Mendelenko - guitars
Konstantin Goryachy - organ
Oleg Markov - drums
Victor Pavelko-saxophone