Jive Review

Country: Ukraine

Stylistically, the Jive Review jazz sextet performance manner is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, the music of the swing and early rhythm and blues eras. Their own vibrant improvisational style, hot groove and special jazz atmosphere make the band's performances unforgettable.

Igor Dyachenko is a jazz musician, tenor saxophonist, the founder of several jazz bands. A representative of the so-called old jazz school and one of the brightest performers of classic swing and dixieland jazz in Ukraine. Igor Dyachenko participates in various jazz forums and festivals in Ukraine and abroad. His concerts always have a wonderful and special jazz atmosphere. It is an atmosphere of freedom, emancipation and emotionally rich improvisational musical images.

Dyachenko Igor - tenor saxophone, leader
Kravchuk Bogdan - baritone saxophone
Agrich Igor - piano
Gershkovich Felix - double bass
Chaika Andrei - drums
Pyasetskaya Maria - singer