Melody Gardot

Country: USA

Vocalist, guitarist, and pianist Melody Gardot will perform in Ukraine for the first time. Her creative and life path, has been overcoming a life-threatening bicycle accident. But thanks to her strong will, and love of music, she has had the best therapy she could have received. While in her hospital bed, she wrote and recorded songs that would later become the EP ‘Some Lessons’.

Melody Gardot took up the piano and, as a youngster, played on the nightclub scene of Philadelphia, being influenced by jazz, folk, rock, and pop music.

Despite all hurdles, she recorded her debut album, ‘Worrisome Heart’, which was issued in 2006 and reissued in 2007 by the Verve label.

In 2009, working with producer Larry Klein and arranger Vince Mendoza - both known for their work with Joni Mitchell - Gardot followed up her Verve debut with ‘My One and Only Thrill’. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard U.S. Jazz Albums chart. In 2012, she released her third studio album, ‘The Absence’, landing in the Top 30 on the Billboard 200 and reaching the top of the U.S. Jazz Albums chart. This was followed by her albums ‘Currency of Man’ which was released by Decca, and concert album, ‘Live in Europe’.

In 2020, Melody Gardot created the album ‘Sunset in the Blue’ with Larry Klein, which featured an all-star cast of studio contributors including Till Bronner, Antonio Zambujo, Ibrahim Maalouf, and Sting made a guest appearance for the bonus track ‘Little Something’. The song is also featured on Sting's album ‘Duets’, which was released in 2021.