Join the flashmob Leopolis Jazz Fest 10 years!

Natalia Gorbachevskaya (Executive Director of Leopolis Jazz Fest) launched a flashmob Leopolis Jazz Fest. Birthday Live:

We invite everyone who has ever visited the festival to congratulate it and get the opportunity to win tickets for the next Leopolis Jazz Fest!

The terms of participation:

1. The period of the flashmob: June 3-10;

2. It is necessary to shoot a horizontal video on mobile phone;

3. End the video with the words: pass the baton (choose a person or several people whom you met at the festival)

4. Post the video on your page in the feed (Facebook or Instagram) in the period from June 4-10;

5. Sign video: @Leopolis Jazz Fest 10 years! # Leopolisjazz10 Passing the baton @ (Indicate one or more friends)

At the end of June, the festival randomly will present 100 tickets among the participants of flashmob for the Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 (50 winners with 2 tickets each)!

The official Rules of participation can be found here