June 27, Avishai Cohen's concert 50:50:50

The concert of Avishai Cohen, an Israeli jazz double bass player, singer, composer and arranger, well-known and beloved by Ukrainian listeners, is symbolically called 50:50:50. In fact, in 2020, the musician will turn 50 years old and on the occasion of this date he will perform 50 concerts in 50 countries of the world. This tour will be a celebration for the huge international audience of Avishai Cohen, which has been forming over the years. It is an honor for Leopolis Jazz that one of the fifty concerts will take place at the anniversary festival.

Over the past two decades, the musician has become one of the leading bass players in the world. He was also widely recognized as a composer.

In February 2019, Avishai recorded his seventeenth album “Arvoles” (Razdaz 2019), at Nilento Studios in Sweden.