Raffle on Instagram for Jazz Day!

We decided that for Jazz Day we definitely want to present you sets of our merch: a t-shirt, sun glasses and a cap. There will be ten such sets!

The rules of participation are simple and jazzy:

1. You are subscribed to the @leopolisjazz Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/leopolisjazz/

2. During 23-23 April with our mask (Nostalgia from leopolis) take a photo or record a video with the words: I'm waiting for the Leopolis festival and celebrate jazz day on April 30 at @leopolisjazz (mark the page). Post this stories and automatically become a participant of our gift marathon

3. Write under this post: I'm with you!

Your page should be open for us to see your cool stories.

On 4 May we will randomly play 10 sets of our merch.

Official rules of the action are here