Rules of participation in street music

Rules of participation 2021 (FESTIVAL OF STREET MUSIC)

-         Street music festival called Street Music by Leopolis Jazz with the support of the Kyivstar is held within the international jazz festival Leopolis Jazz Fest (hereinafter - "Festival" or "Street Music by Leopolis Jazz").

Organizer of the Festival is LLC "LEOPOLIS JAZZ", identification code 37535698 (hereinafter - the Organizer).

Partner of the Festival - PJSC "Kyivstar", identification code 21673832 (hereinafter - Kyivstar)

- Street Music by Leopolis Jazz will be held in Lviv on June 25–26, 2021 from 11:00 to 17:00.

- Musical bands and individual performers (hereinafter - "Musicians" or "Bands / Artists"), have the right to participate in the Festival provided that they were registered on the Festival page before 24:00 on June 15, 2021 (hereinafter – "applications").

- Stages will be filled upon receipt of applications, and so automatically bands and artists who have sent a request before will have an advantage over those candidates who sent it later.

-         Participation in the Festival is allowed for bands / performers who have been selected. The selection of bands / artists who will take part in Street Music by Leopolis Jazz will be organized by the Festival organizer in an order that is independently determined by the Festival organizer. Selected bands / performers will receive confirmation of participation in the Festival from the organizer of the Festival.

- The organizer reserves the right to refuse without any explanation to the musicians participating in the festival at both the selection phase and during the performance.

- The organizer will provide the open-air stages,as well as a minimum set of musical equipment for the performance (the list of equipment, if necessary, will be discussed on an individual basis in each individual case). The venues will be branded with the logos of the Leopolis Jazz Fest festival and Kyivstar company

- The organizer of the Festival does not limit musicians in style.

- Artists are invited to perform both the author's repertoire and covers on equal footing.

- Musicians are responsible for compliance with copyright and related rights to the executable program.

- It is prohibited for musicians to perform works (musical compositions), which call for the seizure of power, forcible change of the constitutional order and the integrity of the state, inciting national, class, social, religious and other hatred, for propaganda of war, terrorism and extremism, and / or promote pornography, the cult of violence and cruelty, the production and use of drugs and psychotropic substances. In case of execution of such works the musicians take full responsibility, including compensation in full for any costs and damages caused to the organizer of the festival in connection with the execution of these works.

- Musicians, who received confirmation of participation in the Festival, may distribute information about their participation. At the festival festivals, bands/artists will be able to distribute any advertising information about their band, having previously sent it to the organizer with the organizer of the Festival, and provided that no comments from the organizer of the festival are received about such advertising information, ways and extent of distribution of such advertising information during the 5 working days from the moment when the Organizer and Administration of the Festival receives from Musicians such advertising information, as well as information on the ways and means of distributing such advertising information at the Festival from Musicians. The promotional information that the Musicians distribute at the Festival must comply with all the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, the requirements for the content of such advertising information (advertising). In case of non-compliance of advertising information with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, Musicians are obliged to compensate the organizer of the Festival in full amount for any expenses and losses incurred by the organizer of the Festival in connection with the dissemination of such advertising information.

- Each participant (band or individual performers) will be assigned with a short number for SMS-voting.

- A specific stage and time of performance for each of the participants of the Festival organizer defines itself. The final schedule of performances on all of the outdoor stages will be announced on June 18, 2021.

- Participants of the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz have the right to voluntarily collect money during the performance, and are responsible for the payment of taxes and other obligatory payments.

- Participation in the Street Music by Leopolis Jazzis unpaid by the Festival organizer. Musicians bear their own expenses for travel, accommodation in Lviv and any other expenses associated with their participation in the Festival.

- A special contest awards will be present to the participants who will receive the highest numbers of SMS voting. The winner will be announced during the evening performance on fan-zone stage in the Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park on Sunday, June 27, 2021. The winner will receive a certificate of 25 000 hryvnias for the purchase of instruments and musical equipment in the branded music stores network. For the second place the participant will receive the corresponding certificate in 15 000 hryvnias, for the third - 10 000 hryvnias.
The Certificates for winners are provided by Kyivstar,

-         All Street Music by Leopolis Jazz participants will additionally receive non-monetary gifts from the Kyivstar company.

- Musicians who take part in the Festival officially refuse to obtaining the author's reward from the Organizer (LLC "LEOPOLIS Jazz", code USREOU 37535698) for the performance of any and all musical works (including music, songs, poems, etc.) at the Festival. If musicians perform musical works that belong to a third person (people), Musicians by the time of the performance on Festival are required to resolve all issues regarding payment to such person (people) the author's reward for performing any and all musical works.

- The musicians, who have submitted the registration form on the website of the Festival and bands/artists participating in the Festival, hereby confirm that they grant their consent to the Festival organizers and partner, Kyivstar (enterprise code 21673832) for processing and complimentary use of personal data provided by them, such as name, surname, patronymic, phone number, address and other data stipulated hereby, the processing of which is not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, for the transfer of their personal data between the Organizer, Festival partner, i.e. Kyivstar, and/or third parties engaged by them, and vice versa with in order to hold the Festival, including to Contest Awards ceremony, as well as for the personal data processing and in other cases stipulated hereby.

By filling in the registration form on the Festival website, or by taking part in the Festival, each band/artist confirms its/his/her consent to the free use of its/his/her details, photos and video materials of its/his/her performance during the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz by the Festival organizer, Kyivstar and third parties involved by them for marketing and/or any other purpose using the methods, which do not violate the applicable laws of Ukraine (including through the transfer to the third parties) in particular to the free use of their names, the names of bands, artistic names (aliases) of Musicians, images, photos and video materials of the band/artist’s performances during the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz, interview or other materials about them for advertising/marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, the right of publish, broadcast, public announcement (including his/her (their) name and image) in the media, any printed, audio and video interviews with the media, as well as for sending of information messages (including commercials), etc., without any time limit, by any method of use, and such use shall not be compensated by the Festival organizer, Kyivstar and/or any third party in any way. The consent granted hereunder shall form a duly executed agreement, including for the purposes of Articles 296, 307, 308, item 3 part 3 Article 1108 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Law of Ukraine on Personal Data Protection. The Musicians’ consent to any lawful use of information about them, provided pursuant to this Regulation, shall be final and does not require additional evidence, affidavit etc. and/or conclusion of any agreement (contract), and/or performance of any other action.

When the application to participate in the Festival is completed by one of the band members, which consist of more than one person, or any person on behalf of the band, such a member (agent) thereby confirms that s/he obtained and holds a valid consent (permit) of all band members to:

- the transfer of personal data of such band members to the Festival organizer and Kyivstar;

- granting of consents provided for hereinabove to the Festival organizer and Kyivstar on behalf of such persons.

When the band member or the agent, who has filled out an application to participate in the Festival on behalf of the band, does not hold the consents (permits) provided for hereinabove, such a person shall compensate to the Festival organizer and/or Kyivstar any cost and damage incurred by the Festival organizer and/or Kyivstar due to the absence of such consents.

- All participants near the stage are required to wear masks. You can only remove the mask directly on stage.

- The organizer reserve the right to make changes in the rules of participation in the Street Music by Leopolis Jazz by placing them on the official Festival website.

- Body temperature will be measured at location.

- The winning band will be invited to perform at the stadium near the main stage. In this case, the band will be required to take an express test for Covid before performing.

- In case of feeling unwell, the musicians should inform the organizers about it.

For further questions please contact the curator of the Festival of street music, Artem Tkachenko:

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