Buying and getting this ticket, you automatically agree to comply with all rules and instructions, used in place of the event.

1. Please, come on time. After concert start, you won’t be allowed to enter the hall. After the third composition other visitors may occupy free seats in the hall. 

2. Bought ticket can not be refund and exchanged. 

3. If you lose or significantly damage the ticket, holder of a ticket is not allowed for the event, duplicate ticket is not given, the ticket price is not recovered. 

4. Officials will recover the ticket price only if the event is canceled. Detention of the event or transfer of event date is not a reason to return the ticket. 

5. The ticket owner must keep the ticket properly until the end of the event, damaged ticket could complicate passage to the event. If a ticket holder left the event, the ticket becomes invalid and can not be returned. 

6. Officials are not responsible for fake tickets, fake tickets price is not recovered. 

7. Customers who violate the order and do not fulfill the requirements of officials will be forced to leave the event without refund of ticket. 

8. Visiting the event by persons in alcohol or narcotic intoxication is strictly prohibited. 

9. The owner of the ticket must prevent cases of copying or unauthorized access to information that is printed on the ticket, because the right of passage is the one who first presented the ticket during the control procedure. If during the booking e-ticket buyer submitted personal data (name, title, series and number of document confirming person), the primary right of passage is a person who presented this document. 

10. A unique code can be used only for one time. Do not copy the ticket and do not post it on the Internet. This can be an obstacle to the entrance for the event. Officials are not responsible for safety data. 

11. Entrance with children: children under 5 years old can visit the concerts at Eddie Rosner’s stage based on adult tickets without a separate seat. For a more comfortable view by senior children, we commend buying a ticket for a separate seat. The parents are fully responsible for their children during the festival concerts. 

12. The festival program can be amended. 

13. The use of photo and video devices without approval by the festival press service is prohibited. 

14. Please note the festival is Cashless. All payments should be done with Masterсard Contactless payments devices only (payment card, AlfaWatch, smartphone NFC etc).