Please read the official rules for visiting Leopolis Jazz Fest 2021 in view of quarantine restrictions:

1. Guests will only be allowed to attend the festival if they have negative test for Covid-19
- parterre– PCR tests are required (test cost covered by the attendee, valid for 72 hours),
- fan zones in the parterre: express test (free of charge, valid for 48 hours),
- picnic areas– express test (free of charge, valid for 48 hours).

2. Children.
Up to 12 years - entrance without testing.
Up to 5 years old, entrance to the parterre is free.
Up to 12 years old, entrance to the picnic areas is free.
Parents who accompany the child are tested.

3. Testing. 
PCR test can be done:
A) in advance in your city, the test result should be sent for inspection to the festival contact center on testing issues until 12.00 PM on the day of the concert.
Contacts:  +38 067 515 50 24

B) in Lviv in one of the official festival testing points, until 12:00 PM on the day of the concert.

The cost of the PCR test for festival guests is UAH 400.

Testing points will be located near the festival stages on Rynok Square, in Potocki Palace Yard and Park of Culture B. Khmelnytsky.

A negative PCR test result must be exchanged for a special bracelet at the test points.

Express tests will be carried out at the testing points near the festival stages on Rynok Square, in Potocki Palace Yard and Park of Culture B. Khmelnytsky throughout the day. We invite you to take the test in advance so as not to waste time in the queue on the day of the concert. For application for a certain time you need to register on the festival website: express-test

For free testing you must show a ticket at the entrance to testing point.

A negative express test result must be exchanged for a special bracelet at the test points.

4. Other rules:
4.1. Staff at the entrance points will carry out non-contact temperature screening of attendees.
4.2. In the case of a positive test for Covid-19 or a fever, the Event Organizer refunds the ticket cost to the guest and not allow the guest to access the Festival location. The funds will be returned to the visitor's card account within 5 working days according to the filled in application for ticket refund.

4.3.Certificate of vaccination or analysis for antibodies is not a reason to enter the Festival location. All guests must pass the test and get a negative result.
4.4. Musicians, the organizing committee and contractors of the Festival will also be tested for Covid-19.
4.5. The number of seats in the parterre (Eddie Rosner stage) has been reduced in order to maintain social distancing between attendees.
4.6. The rule for occupying free seats in the parterre after the third composition will no longer apply. With a ticket to the fan zone, access to the parterre will be prohibited due to quarantine rules. Concerts can be watched only on the screens.
4.7. The number of visitors in the picnic areas is also limited.
4.8. Wearing a mask is mandatory.
4.9. Entrance to picnic areas shall require tickets to control the number of visitors.
4.10. Access to the stages on Rynok Square and in Potocki Palace Yard will be limited according to the number of chairs that can be occupied while watching concerts. Volunteers will direct visitors to vacant seats to prevent congestion.
4.11. Cash shall not be accepted at the festival. All payments shall be made using contactless cards only.
4.12. All Festival locations will be equipped with hand-sanitizer in compliance with the requirements and recommendations set forth in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 9, 2020, No. 1236.